Wrapping Xmas 2013


I happened to see a sale sign in a hobby shop which was letting us have 4 sheets of stiff paper for a $1. Treat! Top left, Chinese takeout box made without any cuts except for the part where the opposite flaps engage eachother. Teal box made for neighbor’s daughter who is into Teal these days along with my regular recycled magazine paper bows. 20131221-143538.jpg

Now for some exhibition of this year’s paper ornaments. Check them out –




Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, CA




2013 has been a year that has put day work ahead of family and passions for crafts, sports, health care. This sketch came about as a chance happening when we found ourselves with too little time to complete any other chore but long enough to stroll around a park while we were in Fremont.20131201-173703.jpg

‘Heavens are pouring’ wins an Award!


While working on the above practice sketch, got an email to announce that my painting ‘Heavens are pouring ‘ won an award. It could be just a special mention or it could be a coveted medal, will know at the artists’ reception only. It would be fun to have friends and fans join to see the collection of beautiful works by almost 50 artists-

Reception: Oct 5, 1:30p – 3pm
Santa Clara Watercolor Society’s Annual Show,
Rose Shenson Community Gallery at the Triton Museum of Art
Santa Clara.
Juror: Jean Warren.


We need to while away time!

Just wondering – has the definition of fun changed? People share photos(social media) of having a blast somewhere other than their homes either eating or drinking alcohol! It seems like a common trend. I would also enjoy that once in a blue moon – but really – these events are never highlights for me.

The highlight for me would be if I could kick back wherever I am and just people watch or watch my kids or feel time pass by without a gnawing feeling of finishing up one other chore that’s left before I can sit down! If my husband and kids are around and busy by themselves and also enjoying in whiling away time and enjoying this mental cleanse, that would be enormous!

I am becoming odd.

Some lego wars.

Some quiet time was had this afternoon while the kid made war ships- it’s complete with moving turret and protective cover over the fire button. The cover he says gets replaced once every year. Excited that he gets the idea about protecting important parts of a machine and the most destructive.



Show hanging tips

Dear Radhi,

These are the pointers to myself from my experience of hanging a clean art show.

  1. Set aside twice the time you initially budgeted for just the hanging.
  2. Have a floor plan of the gallery with you ideally two months ahead of the show.
  3. Have a list with the framed sizes of paintings ready about a month latest before the event.
  4. Plan whihch painting goes where before you get to the gallery –  this step was key towards making a homogenous showing. It took me 3 days to come up with final plan which would read like a story. A quick sketch of each wall helps when resolving confusion and self-doubt. One could stick these reference pictures on the gallery walls if you will have many people to help as a map for them.
  5. Corners of galleries are anchored by large paintings.
  6. The best framing for each painting will not be the best solution when multiple paintings hang together – uniformity in framing makes the framing enhance the framed art.
  7. Keep a minimum of 18 inches between each painting –  not only does it look pleasing, it gives visitors shoulder space to stand. Unless of  course you are showing diptych and triptych.
  8. Mark an eye level with masking tape on all connected walls in the gallery.  This is your reference for all hangings. I hung my single row paintings with their bottom edges aligned with this line while for walls that had two rows of paintings I moved the top row up and bottom row down 6 inches.
  9. I broke rules until the composition of the entire show looked cohesive to my eyes.
  10. Check that all paintings are level twice – with a level not by eyeballing.
  11. Label the back of paintings serially in the order they hang. So when you or some help is unloading them from the car they can rest the paintings on the wall in the order they will be raised.
  12. Packing the car took me and Arin 1 hour when I had all the paintings packed correctly – since it is vital they travel safely until they are shown! I had not estimated this time correctly at first.
  13. After first 30 minutes of actual hanging are done and everyone is settled with their own method, turn on music.
  14. Call it quits before you are tired. Arin worked tirelessly for 6 hours and I didn’t see his fatigue – it was just the two of us – but he in tiredness raised a collapsible ladder and it caught the flesh of his palm and ripped a small chunk out. It hurt him a lot bit and made me realize that I was playing with hammer and nails and could not afford to lose alertness. Definitely not at the cost of my child’s flesh!

Resuming plein air


Two months I was not allowed to paint plein air by my son because I had overshot his deadline of cleaning up my papers in the house! Master painter Arin was thus delighted to accompany me at Santa Clara railway Depot upon sorting and filing my papers.


Amtrak pulled in before I started painting whose conductor was quick to say yes to my request of taking a photo to sketch him.

Lovely graffiti!