And so we meet!

I met Holmer today. Finally.

Visiting galleries is an emotional experience for me. I was one of the first visitors today at National Portrait Gallery and rushed to the top floor- no one but me and the paintings talking to me. No people and sounds. I could let my guard down to feel the paintings- goose bumps and the strange feeling in your throat. You wish no one to say hello to you lest your voice cracks. I was loving it – I even twirled on the floor as I felt enveloped in the stories. Some so grim, I passed them over intentionally.

An information desk attendant was kind enough to tell me of the exact wings where I could see 2 Holmers that were currently hanging in the gallery. So we met- Holmer to Holmer wanna be.

Off the coast of Maine, Winslow Holmer, oil on canvas.



st_2014_02_11, Pharaoh again.

st_2014_02_11, Pharaoh again. by Taswiir
st_2014_02_11, Pharaoh again., a photo by Taswiir on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Crowe did not fall asleep today. As much.

Canson 90lb paper, Study book #3
Pigments (some funky ones) – Quinacridone Sienna, Cobalt Teal, Cobalt blue, Ochre, Bright Rose and minuscule amount of Pyrol Red(what a powerful red this is – almost no match for any contrasting color on my palette, it can have all my blues for breakfast for mixing and still appear dominantly red).

Everytime I start out a session with a painting in my study book, the study book study always comes out ahead of the painting. I’ve got to develop stamina. Any tips, friends?

Wp_2014_01_12, green with envy(of the nose)

Practicing with large dark backgrounds. It is hard to make so much color and color it fast. I takes real patience and some bicep power!

Even though the shoulder drawing needs help I am most happy with the left cheek where it puckers out ever so slightly upon the models pursing of her lips. The lip shape I am not too worried about, it’s an easy fix with one stroke of red paint.

We need to while away time!

Just wondering – has the definition of fun changed? People share photos(social media) of having a blast somewhere other than their homes either eating or drinking alcohol! It seems like a common trend. I would also enjoy that once in a blue moon – but really – these events are never highlights for me.

The highlight for me would be if I could kick back wherever I am and just people watch or watch my kids or feel time pass by without a gnawing feeling of finishing up one other chore that’s left before I can sit down! If my husband and kids are around and busy by themselves and also enjoying in whiling away time and enjoying this mental cleanse, that would be enormous!

I am becoming odd.