‘Heavens are pouring’ wins an Award!


While working on the above practice sketch, got an email to announce that my painting ‘Heavens are pouring ‘ won an award. It could be just a special mention or it could be a coveted medal, will know at the artists’ reception only. It would be fun to have friends and fans join to see the collection of beautiful works by almost 50 artists-

Reception: Oct 5, 1:30p – 3pm
Santa Clara Watercolor Society’s Annual Show,
Rose Shenson Community Gallery at the Triton Museum of Art
Santa Clara.
Juror: Jean Warren.


Resuming plein air


Two months I was not allowed to paint plein air by my son because I had overshot his deadline of cleaning up my papers in the house! Master painter Arin was thus delighted to accompany me at Santa Clara railway Depot upon sorting and filing my papers.


Amtrak pulled in before I started painting whose conductor was quick to say yes to my request of taking a photo to sketch him.

Lovely graffiti!


Why buy craft supplies for kids? So that when they go to bed, parents can enjoy their crayons!

Via Flickr:
3" x 2", Crayola twisters, paper = page off the chore list pad. My recollection of Milpitas eucalyptus.

No Rick, I got this set which comes without paper so even after I sharpen them, no paper is torn and no clues of use are left behind!

st_2012_10_21, wildwood park, Los gatos,

I have found that when I paint what I feel, the painting reflects the emotion back making it a successful piece. There are times when I need to curb this transparency between my paintings and my mind. My work at Wildwood Park, being an example – having done too many things in the morning, my flustered and disorientated mind found the scene of the brook with overgrown vegetation attractive.  The result speaks for itself! To some viewers, the painting might look wholesome because its speaks of the clutter in nature that we come across, to me however, the artist’s job is to weed out the point of interest and in that, I failed.Uma

Weekend painting group getting revived!! With crossed fingers…

st_2012_10_11, study + relaxation

This painting made me happy because it was unusual in the way it was executed. For most paintings, I sketch with a pencil before painting or if not a pencil, I sketch with a brush directly. In this case, I just started painting, no structure underneath to paint on. I thoroughly enjoyed it – cut out the wait time the brush endures! So why did I thoroughly enjoy this – it was like spoiling me – just play no hard work of drawing. That’s a treat!

Study book #2, squirrel mop
Colors = Viridian Hue, Vermillion Hue, Prussian Blue(W&N’s Winsor Blue is that), Lavendar, Quin Gold and Cerulean!

st_2012_10_10, Notre Dame

st_2012_10_10, Notre Dame by Taswiir
st_2012_10_10, Notre Dame, a photo by Taswiir on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Title- search for the Rose window.

90lb study book #2, beloved squirrel mop and travel case of colors, a glass of malbec, timberlake crooning.

This is like the first run after a break of a month. Your muscles ache, your time is not the best, you grimace how far behind you’ve fallen in your training, you sigh at the thought of miles you would have to cover before you get your rhythm in your step back- yet – you are glad you are running again.