Now, for some ‘plain’ air. Plein air at home, wp_2014_04_11

What younger son thinks of “keeen up” = Toys in the baskets.

Too many dry brush strokes. Problem with doing this plein air was that the place where I painted from didn’t have much light, so I couldn’t see colors distinctly. I see some drawing errors too now.

Now, for some 'plain' air. Plein air at home, wp_2014_04_11


Resuming plein air


Two months I was not allowed to paint plein air by my son because I had overshot his deadline of cleaning up my papers in the house! Master painter Arin was thus delighted to accompany me at Santa Clara railway Depot upon sorting and filing my papers.


Amtrak pulled in before I started painting whose conductor was quick to say yes to my request of taking a photo to sketch him.

Lovely graffiti!


wp_2012_07_25, assam burning.

wp_2012_07_25, assam burning. by Taswiir
wp_2012_07_25, assam burning., a photo by Taswiir on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Assam, a northern state of India in midst of ethnic violence.
.."Shoot at sight orders and indefinite curfew continued in Kokrajhar, where the army was deployed, while night curfew was in force in Dhubri and Chirang districts" People fleeing out of razed houses, butchered a free country. What a depressing race the humans are.

Plein air at Pete’s harbor, Redwood City, st_2012_07_19

Via Flickr:
Windy, windy, windy. To the point of feeling grimy in an hour. Study book and charcoal pencil.

This is my final Thursday paintout with the SCVWS for as long as I can foresee. This has been my greatest maternity leave wherein I have nurtured a baby and myself through painting in a group. Who knew that painting could turn into a spectator sport? This Thursday’s spot was especially conducive to heckling and chatter as many artists huddled in a close knit spot at the harbor. The harbor; another hidden jewel in the bay area that I have come to know of thanks to Sylvia & Jenny who arrange the Thursday paint sites.

The group of artists though demographically very different from me – age, race, profession wise, has been a set of warm, welcoming people. The common thread that does run through the membership is the confidence each one has in his or her being – let he or she be at any point of his or her painting journey, they were sure they wanted to be there, were not shy of their painting skills and were generous with encouragement and advise. Folks, I enjoyed the painting sessions because of you. Cheers and let’s keep in touch!

st_2012_06_25, from ‘what the … ‘ series

Via Flickr:
I always knew Jathedar was a great artist but the sky showed how high his calibre is. This sky sucked. Aaaaah. It looks so easy when Jathedar paints an aurora.

The other technical details-
140lb CP Langdon Prestige
Huge Squirrel mop, small squirrel mop
Manganese blue nova, Payne’s Gray, Hooker’s green, Lemon Yellow and burnt sienna in bits.


wp_2012_06_12 by Taswiir
wp_2012_06_12, a photo by Taswiir on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
12-6-12 was supposed to be a lucky day!
14″ x 10″, 140lb CP, langdon block
4 colors = quinacridone gold, manganese blue nova, payne’s gray, vermillion hue.
brushes = large mop and round #10
Music = coldplay, justin timberlake, everclear, spin doctors, lady gaga, maroon 5 and jason mraz. THIS was fun.

All important bit forgot to mention – reference pic by my cousin on her trip to the Sahyadri’s.

Compositional changes – moved the mountains(literally!!) and slanted the ground to have a more interesting view.

(through) Window watching. wp_2012_05_25

Via Flickr:
As I relax with friends, these views delight us. The pelicans never returned else one small paintlet wouldve been of them. Total size 14"x10"

Wave, succulent, another plant whose name I don’t know, outcrop islands, cypress, clouds, echeveria by the rocks, gush in kelps, succulents as cliffhangers.

Each snapshot varies from 1.5-5" in length and breadth and were done as and when I got time throughout the day. My friends helped immensely in keeping the kid(s) at bay and away from my water pot!! This is the best vacation ever.


wp_2012_05_19 by Taswiir
wp_2012_05_19, a photo by Taswiir on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
And so we struggle … I feel this close to getting the effect I want but it still evades me. But I feel strongly that it is matter of practice – no, not the kind one does once a week, this is like 4-8hours at a stretch and then something clicks. I can almost feel a tingle knowing that the next level is within reach only if I can give it a push, it’s like the painting itself is waiting to be heaved. Now where are these 4-8 free hours? Nannying anyone?