First workshop: 72 hours begin!

Imagine that you are an engineer and Mr. Feynman is going to teach you for 3 days. In similar vein, I am off to San Francisco for a 3 day watercolor workshop. My expectations are extremely high as to what I get out of it – by the sheer combination of an accomplished instructor, a painting conducive environment and 72 hours away from routine demands of life.

I am so excited, even this Caltrain ride is feeling special. I am on a life changing trip I suspect.


‘Heavens are pouring’ wins an Award!


While working on the above practice sketch, got an email to announce that my painting ‘Heavens are pouring ‘ won an award. It could be just a special mention or it could be a coveted medal, will know at the artists’ reception only. It would be fun to have friends and fans join to see the collection of beautiful works by almost 50 artists-

Reception: Oct 5, 1:30p – 3pm
Santa Clara Watercolor Society’s Annual Show,
Rose Shenson Community Gallery at the Triton Museum of Art
Santa Clara.
Juror: Jean Warren.


First public demonstration!

Los Altos Art Club invited me to do a demonstration for their club of artists! I am drawing(pun intended) kicks from its being my first invitation, my first paid demo and a sale in few minutes after finishing! Everyone at the club was warm and extremely polite. They adjusted with my accent, no one left before the hour was up, set up the demo mirror and lights for me!

2 artists from Gallery House and few from SCVWS were also present! But the biggest cheerleaders were – my mother and mother-in-law. If you are reading this, then, you were among many who with their comments have kept me going, thank YOU!Anecdote- I mentioned that I was suddenly hungry near the end of the demonstration and a plate of grapes appeared on the table! I forgot mom was in the crowd!

Reception of ‘Think Large, Paint Small’


Charlotte Huntley, an esteemed watercolorist herself juried 40 works, each work not measuring more than 14″ in any dimension after framing. She graciously came up to me and quipped,

“You have a long career [in watercolors] ahead!”

Visit Norton Gallery which is the upstairs portion of Pacific Art League in Palo Alto to see if you concur with Ms. Huntley!