And so we meet!

I met Holmer today. Finally.

Visiting galleries is an emotional experience for me. I was one of the first visitors today at National Portrait Gallery and rushed to the top floor- no one but me and the paintings talking to me. No people and sounds. I could let my guard down to feel the paintings- goose bumps and the strange feeling in your throat. You wish no one to say hello to you lest your voice cracks. I was loving it – I even twirled on the floor as I felt enveloped in the stories. Some so grim, I passed them over intentionally.

An information desk attendant was kind enough to tell me of the exact wings where I could see 2 Holmers that were currently hanging in the gallery. So we met- Holmer to Holmer wanna be.

Off the coast of Maine, Winslow Holmer, oil on canvas.



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